Privacy Policy

A privacy resource for our customers.

Below, you can view our Privacy Policy, read about our privacy practices and learn how you can control and protect your personal information online.

Protecting privacy on your devices.

Customer privacy is a major priority at Thriftshop, and we take great care to protect your information. The  Thriftshop Privacy Policy lays out the ways in which we gather and protect information, and how you can control your personal information. Read How Thriftshop Interacts with Your Devices to learn more about our commitment to protecting your data and your privacy.

Learn how to protect your privacy.

Thriftshop cares about your privacy, and we want to ensure you have the information you need to protect your personal information. Read about how to spot and avoid online scams and access links for additional fraud-prevention resources.

Learn how to protect online accounts >

Learn about phishing, smishing and gift card scams >

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